Monday, September 29, 2014

Leave the Baking to the Professionals!! Pies and Cobblers to bring our kiddos HOME!

We have started our next fundraiser!!! We have teamed up with Willamette Valley Pie Company and are selling pies, cobblers, bags of frozen fruit! This is a for locals only fundraiser as these pies are handmade right here in Salem, OR! This is a perfect time to stock up for Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years or just an evening in with friends! Wow, yummy, yummy in my tummy. I am not just saying that either. All who bought Pies or Cobblers during our last fundraiser raved at them. We were sad when we ate the last one from our freezer.

These Pies are All Natural, The two crust fruit pies are trans-fat and dairy free, 9" and a full 40ounces! The Fruit pie flavors available are American Apple, Cherry Crunch, Raspberry/Rhubarb and Marionberry. There is a special Pie of the month also Available Pumpkin Chiffon (The finest pumpkin is used to create a whipped pumpkin mousse (chiffon.) The mousse is then layered with a lightly spiced whipping cream to create a pie for pumpkin lovers and the holiday season! Sounds delicious! Pies will be selling for $13.

Fruit Cobblers available are Forrest Berry - A combination of Boysenberries, marionberries and blueberries. Peach and also Marionberry. The cobblers are 26 ounces and serve 4-5 people. $9

For people who like things in smaller portions or have a small family. Single, Retired couple etc. We have Mini Pies. They come in a case of 6 and are 10 ounces each. Flavors available are American Apple, Cherry, Marionberry, Peach, Raspberry/Rhubarb or a Variety Pack! $27 for the case! That is $4.50 a pie!

2-pound bags of fruit are available in 3 varieties. Pure, Ripe, Frozen fruit perfect for cooking, baking, SNACKING on or smoothies. Loaded with antioxidants and packaged in a re-sealable bag! Available flavors - Blueberry, Red Raspberry, and Strawberry. $8

This is a great buy, from a local company, just in time for all the holidays when pie is a must. The pies are flash frozen for delivery and are good frozen for 6mo. Money is due upfront when ordering and checks are made out to me. I will be sending one very large(I hope) payment to Willamette Valley Pies Company! Last day to order is November 5th. I will be picking pies up on November 19th and driving back to my home in Sherwood for pick up and there will be a Gresham pick up spot also. You will need to make arrangements for pick up as I do not have the freezer space to store. I suggest talking with groups of friends, Bunco groups, Moms groups, play groups, Bible study groups, people at the office take a big order and send a representative for pick up. This could be a big fundraiser for us bringing in the money we need for our Travel Fees!!! Please pray, and share with all you know. If you have any questions please ask or to send me your order.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Blessed by Other People

Our family currently has or is involved in 3 fundraisers right now. We are blessed to be surrounded by people who enjoy helping adoptive families raise the funds they need to pay all the different fees involved with international adoption. We currently have a Jamberry Nails Fundraiser going on and if you have never given these a try you should! They are fun and sassy, and so easy!Something for every season and occasion! We also have our $25 Cabela's gift card Giveaway going on. For every $5 donated to our FSP your name is entered into a drawing. We have only 11spots left to fill before we can draw a name!Local friends and family Cabela's just opened in Tualatin so what an amazing chance to win a Christmas or Birthday Gift for the son or hubby! and then last, but definetly not least we are 1 of 5 families that has been chosen this month for 5/5/5 for Families. They ask you donate $5 and it is divided between the 5 families! This is such a neat idea. Giving a little to go a long way!

Once these fundraisers are done we will be again selling locally only Willamette Valley Pie Company Hand Made Pies and cobblers. To be delivered right before Thanksgiving!! So if you missed out on this fundraiser before you are not going to want to this time around! Then on December 5th in my home I will be hosting a Noonday party. You will also be able to purchase online as well. These items are beautiful and made by impoverished woman around the world. These will be delivered before Christmas so think Christmas shopping!!