Thursday, February 14, 2013

Are you My Valentine?

Are you his Valentine? Do you have some extra love to spare this Valentines Day? Are you willing to walk past all the chocolate hearts and candy or extremely spendy cards? You could give the loved ones in your life a true gift this year. Donate to a child in need in honor of them. Little Caius needs a Valentine this year. He needs someone to love on him or send him some love by donating to his account so that his family can find him. Look at that sweet face, so serious for being so young.

Another sweet Valentine! Although my sweet Copeland has a family coming for him, he still needs lots of love by way of donations so his family can get to him quickly. They are doing a cute fundraiser where you donate to Copeland's account and they will put your name on a heart and hang in for Copeland to see when he gets home. Go check out the families blog they even have created Copeland his own facebook page. Please like it so you can follow their journey to bring their sweet son home.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Donation Day!!! I did not forget.

I know my life has been crazy and I have not been doing very good with all my advocating for my heart babies, but I swear I think about them all the time and pray constantly. I pray that Caius family is out their and ready to commit. I pray for Copeland's family that they will be able to raise the funds they need to go get him quickly. I pray both boys stay safe, healthy and loved until their families get to them. I encourage you to pray also. Sunday I think about them even more as it is Donation day. Although I have been trying to figure out my new normal as a mom of 3, I am trying to get on the treadmill, even for short bits of time. No matter what though I will donate. These boys need me too. They are counting on me and many others to help their families get to them quickly. Please help. Please donate. Any little bit helps. No amount is to little when you are on a rescue mission to get your child home. So today, Sunday. Donate, Donate!

Friday, February 8, 2013

Family of Five

It is sort of crazy to say. Our family of 4 went to a family of five very fast. We met our daughter Monday Feb. 4th and we brought her home Feb. 6th. February 7th was her 1st Birthday!! So yes a whirlwind of a family addition, lol.

We are in the trying to find our new normal stage, trying to adjust to having a baby in the house, schedules, food preps, toy pick ups, diaper changes etc. It is so crazy as most people would think since I have done foster care for years that I would have this down pat, but truth is you lose all the skills very quickly and have to relearn things. You have to relearn that every time you leave the house you need to grab the diaper bag, not only grab it, but make sure it has diapers, snacks, milk etc. in it. I am trying to figure out how to get my treadmill time in and showers, and laundry and all my other normal household duties with a child who especially right now just needs me on the floor playing with her. You quickly forget. I am learning that the freedom of dropping Kope off at school and having a couple hours kid free to get errands done is gone, cause that is nap time. It is all new again and we are figuring it all back out. Karis is soooo worth it though. Every time she smiles or laughs, makes all of it worth it. We did not get the first year of her life to build those bonds and trusts and so we are starting now. Anwsering her every cry, picking her up, cuddling her, feeding her, learning her ques to every thing. It will take a while, but the bond and trust will come and then she will blossom into the little girl that I can see under the scared, confused outer layer right now.

We are limiting people in and out of our house and trying to just stay close to home. We are doing our best to make Karis feel secure and teach her that Mommy and Daddy, and Sister and Brother lover her so much and will meet her needs as they arise.