Sunday, February 10, 2013

Donation Day!!! I did not forget.

I know my life has been crazy and I have not been doing very good with all my advocating for my heart babies, but I swear I think about them all the time and pray constantly. I pray that Caius family is out their and ready to commit. I pray for Copeland's family that they will be able to raise the funds they need to go get him quickly. I pray both boys stay safe, healthy and loved until their families get to them. I encourage you to pray also. Sunday I think about them even more as it is Donation day. Although I have been trying to figure out my new normal as a mom of 3, I am trying to get on the treadmill, even for short bits of time. No matter what though I will donate. These boys need me too. They are counting on me and many others to help their families get to them quickly. Please help. Please donate. Any little bit helps. No amount is to little when you are on a rescue mission to get your child home. So today, Sunday. Donate, Donate!

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