Thursday, April 14, 2011

Saved and Safe

Yesterday we came home from the kids gym to find Kendall's beloved flamingo Pinkie surrounded by white fluff. Not sure what got in to the guilty party or parties, but it was a mess. Needless to say there was some tears over this flamingo that I do not think Build- A-Bear hospital will be able to fix.

The point of this blog though was to share a sweet act of kindness from Kopelan. He was down having breakfast this morning and saw that Pinkie was still sitting on the table. I told him we needed to head out the door to get him to school. He promptly said, " I got to take Kendall's flamingo upstairs so the dogs won't get it again". I did not think that was necessary, but was not in the mood to argue so off he went.

Fast forward a few hours as I am running around packing the kids and I to head to Ft. Lauderdale to meet my aunt. I head into the kids room to see the bed sheets cubby had exploded all over there room. I was a little confused as the last time I was up there this morning the room was clean. So I start gathering the sheets and open the sheet cubby and who do I find tucked safe and sound where no dog would ever think to look, Pinkie. Kopelan had took all the sheets and thrown them around the room, lol, to hide the flamingo safely in the cubby. What a sweet and kind little brother to save his sisters flamingo from a second chomping on. He really does love his sissy and little things like this are proof. Love me kids.

Back to Basics

So we are headed back to the basics of potty training. My very stubborn, sometimes I think just lazy son has reverted to peeing his pants quite often again. This is not acceptable especially at a school where they have to be potty trained. He had made it a routine thing to wet his pants during recess everyday. Now to me that is just laziness and the fact that he does not want to stop playing. So the teachers are being extra vigilant in taking him potty before the go outside. At home he was also wetting his pants a lot more. He never really seemed to care and plus there was always a clean supply of underwear and shorts, so why not lol! So we have gone back to basics with the positive reinforcement. 1 jelly bean for a pee, a chocolate for a poo and if he can stay dry all day at school then he gets to pick out of the treasure box. I am hoping this will be some what of an incentive to again start using the toilet on a regular basis. Only time will tell. All fingers are crossed.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Boat Day!

We had a great day out on our friends boat! We have truly made some great friends down here. Adults get along great, kids get along great what more do you need! The kids are always so excited when we tell them we are going out on the boat with friends. It is always just a layed back day of sun, water, food and laughs. Great friends are great to have ! Thank you again Webster family for always being so GREAT!

Friday, April 8, 2011


Iwonder, how are we chosen to live the life we do? I mean I know God is in full control of our lives and knows how it will start and end before we do, but sometimes I struggle with the fact that some have it good and some have it horrible. How is that decided?

I have been really struggling with the fact that I want to adopt again. I have been researching and reading and came across the site , a site that helps families connect with special needs orphans around the world. Orphans because they were not born perfect in somebodies eyes and in their society are not accepted. How is their life chosen to live a life in an orphanage. Some who never leave, they are taken their at birth and they die there, ALONE. Never being loved on like a child should be, never being snuggled and kissed and comforted. How am I so lucky and deserving to have 2 happy healthy children, that of course are perfect to me. To always have a full belly and a roof over my head. Two parents who loved me growing up and taught me to love. How was I so lucky?