Thursday, April 14, 2011

Back to Basics

So we are headed back to the basics of potty training. My very stubborn, sometimes I think just lazy son has reverted to peeing his pants quite often again. This is not acceptable especially at a school where they have to be potty trained. He had made it a routine thing to wet his pants during recess everyday. Now to me that is just laziness and the fact that he does not want to stop playing. So the teachers are being extra vigilant in taking him potty before the go outside. At home he was also wetting his pants a lot more. He never really seemed to care and plus there was always a clean supply of underwear and shorts, so why not lol! So we have gone back to basics with the positive reinforcement. 1 jelly bean for a pee, a chocolate for a poo and if he can stay dry all day at school then he gets to pick out of the treasure box. I am hoping this will be some what of an incentive to again start using the toilet on a regular basis. Only time will tell. All fingers are crossed.

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