Saturday, March 14, 2009

Green Thumb

Kendall has gotten into planting flowers that she has already picked out of somebodies yard and I have always had an interest in growing a garden. So K.C. bought us a start up green house thing. So Kendall and I went to work planting today. I am know for being a plant killer so I am pretty scared at what is going to happen to these poor little plants. Kendall had fun planting them and we can only wish for the best. LOL!! I will have to update and let everybody know how they are doing.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Learning Experience

So Kendall had a learning experience yesterday. She wanted to make a cake out of her Highlights Magazine. So I said okay and let's do it. All we needed to buy was a lemon as it was a Lemon Cake and we had all the other ingredients. She was so Excited!!!

So we got the little ones all laid down for a nap and went to work making her cake. She proudly dumped all the ingredients into the bowl and then stirred them together. We followed the directions slowly and carefully. (honestly there was only like 4 steps)

After the cake was baked we headed to Praise Team practice. Kendall was anxious for her dad to get home and to get to serve her cake after dinner. After we were all cleaned up from dinner we set the cake on the table and helped her cut and serve the cake. She was being a 3 year old and took the first piece cut forgetting about her hostess duties. (Guess that will be a lesson for a later date. LOL!!) She put a dab of whip cream on each piece. I was looking forward to it and being the proud mommy took the first bite. WOW!!!! If I ever wanted to eat play dough I don't think I would have gone to the trouble of baking it first. I did not want to hurt my little girls feelings and continued to eat my lemon flavored play dough. K.C. only made it one bite in. I anxiously awaited Kendall taking her first bite. She excitedly took a good size bite. I could just see how proud she was, but then her expression changed. It changed very quickly and out came the cake right back onto the plate. She said, "That don't taste very good". You could just see the disappointment on her little face.

This just goes to show even with mommy's help things don't turn out perfect. She will try a new recipe soon enough I am sure and hopefully we will get an A from Daddy and the biggest critic, Kendall herself.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


So I guess this blogging thing is not one of my good habits. I know that it would be very useful since I live a million miles away from my family and friends. Maybe I need somebody to keep me accountable? Maybe I need to bookmark this page? Not really to sure what will get me in the habit of posting a blog every now and then.

So yea, we are all doing great in this cold state of Florida. It really is cold right now. K.C. is still going to work everyday, while I stay at home with the children. HAHA, that sounds so Cleaver like, and that is not our family.

I am home though with Kendall, Kopelan, and our foster son. Most weeks we go out and do something once or twice a week, such as play groups, or the park. The other days we just hang around the house. Kendall has started playing soccer on the weekends. She has her first game this coming saturday. We are excited to see her out there chasing the ball. Kopelan is my busy little boy. He rarely wants to take a nap these days and can be found climbing the couches, opening doors, and getting into cupboards. He keeps me on my toes.

Well, I think that was a good update. I am going to try harder to keep this blog going. To update with exciting facts about our lives. That is the first step in making a good habit right. Trying?