Wednesday, April 8, 2015


Today Kingston started school!!! He started Kindergarten.

He was so excited to be going to school and even more the same school as his big brother and sister. He has been counting down the days and asking at every school meeting if he is going to school. We have been working at home on things like spelling his name and counting, abc's etc. He is so smart and I knew once we could get his medical stuff situated her would be ready to go. Well he has had his braces now for 1 week and he was ready to get this show on the road. There will be no stopping this smarty pants. He picks stuff up so fast.

Karis, Kya and I dropped Kingston off, walking him to his class. He walked at the front of the line holding his teachers hand. I could hear some of the kids talking. "That's Kingston", "He is new, he is from China". I am sure the teacher gave them a heads up on a new student joining their class. Kingston walked in and the teacher showed him his hook for his backpack and his desk with his name on it. He sat down quietly and started right to work on a math paper. Proudly writing his name at the top! I gave him a kiss and told him I would see him after school and that he would do great. We walked out as he worked on his paper and I could hear the teacher introducing all the kids at his table group. I really like his teacher and I am so excited for him. I know he is going to love school and making new friends. He was so ready for this new adventure.

After school I made sure to be there early, lol. No mommy fails of being late on the first day. I wanted him to see my face as soon as school was done. He came down with the rest of his class and saw me and was smiling a big Kingston smile. He came right into my arms once his teacher excused him and gave me a big hug. I asked him how the day went and like any kid I got the one word answer. "Good". I talked to the teacher who said he did great and was interacting with the kids and they all wanted to help him do everything and teach him the ropes. That as a mama is the best thing to hear, he was being accepted right away. I am just so excited for him! As we walked out he asked, " School tomorrow"? I said yes, which was followed by his cheering YAY! I knew then he had a GREAT day! So on to tomorrow and many more days of school and firsts for my brave boy!

Monday, April 6, 2015


I hope everybody had a wonderful Easter! We were so excited to celebrate such an important holiday to our family with our newest children.

I love decorating pretty much for every holiday and season of the year. I have a plastic bin or two designated for the holiday depending on what I have picked up on clearance here and there at the after holiday sales (yes that is how I shop) over the years. I am not sure why I enjoy it, but it just brings so much excitment and festivity to the house. We have a book basket that is always full of books for the different holidays, window clings, and love my table clothes, lol! So this year the 3 kids that are home with me got to help me decorate and they loved it. It got them excited for this holiday first they would enjoy in our family.

As much talk of Easter Bunny, Chocolate, Eggs etc started going around our house I wanted to make sure my newest children understood the real reason we celebrate Easter. I had just taken Kingston to his first church service on Palm Sunday and Easter Sunday would be Kya's first Sunday in church so I knew that alone would not do the teaching. We have books that I would read and that was great, but then my Mother-in-Love asked me what she could send and I asked her about sending a video that was age appropriate in explaining the Easter Story. We received this special video, along with some coloring books that explained perfectly the death and resurrection of Jesus and boy did it spark questions. Now right now we are still in the midst of a language barrier, but every day is about learning. Learning new words, meaning and phrases. Kingston caught on that the cross was a symbol of Jesus and then he kept saying, big man flying! I loved this! Yes we have a big Daddy up in the sky. Then he started asking, what about Daddy here? We talked about our heavenly Daddy and our Earthly Daddy, and he's a boy so we talked about who is stronger, lol. I just loved the questions that were coming. We do not watch a ton of tv in our home, but I have used videos as teaching tools a lot with the kids. They can see it visually and also hear it. They are learning.

We went to church Easter morning and I have to say my church has been amazing at accomodating our newest children and their needs. I feel blessed to be a part of a church family that is willing to make the children comfortable so I can go worship and refill my spirit too. The kids loved Sunday School Easter morning! Were excited that they made cross necklaces and left class with a chocolate egg. HE is the reason we have these children in our home and I feel so blessed that we get to teach them all about their Big Daddy in the sky who loves them!

I do not want to leave out all the fun details of the kids first Dying of Easter Eggs or waking to hunt for their baskets or their first Easter egg hunt outside. They enjoyed it all. We heard, "I Love Easter" many, many times. The smile and joy on all the kids faces never gets old and it is why we do all the fun decorating and hiding of these plastic eggs.

We had a special treat this year. Our 2nd to oldest daughter Kendall thought all on her own that she wanted to make skirts for the girls for Easter. She went with GiGi and bought the material and then had a special sewing party with a dear friend Rebecca (as her mommy is not talented like that), who helped her create and sew 3 beautiful matching skirts. She was so proud and we were so proud of her. Her sisters were so excited to be able to match as they both look up to her. Not only has Kendall started sewing, but she has really got into baking so she also made a special cake for our family to enjoy on Easter. She is a true blessing to our family.

Okay I will not hold out any longer, we took some adorable photos of course! Yes I would love, love to share, because my kids are just to cute to keep secret, lol!

Thursday, April 2, 2015

10 Years Old Today and Home at Last!!

Today is our now oldest daughters 10th birthday! Her first Birthday surrounded by her forever family. We do not know if she was ever celebrated on this special day, but I like to hold out hope that she was or that her birthmother thinks about her on this day. I can not imagine my child not being with me and we will never understand her families decisions, but we will always pray for them. Pray for peace that they know she is now loved and cherished. She is celebrating birthdays like other children. Blowing out candles and being sung too!

In the 2 monthes sincer we have been home we have seen so much growth in Kya. She is a happy, joyous child, who shows it usually loudly, lol! She is developing an opinion, likes and dislikes, she is learning new things everyday. We know God placed her in our lives for a special reason, and we can not wait to see her story unfold.

Shine your light sweet girl, share your infectious laugh and smile with all around you. Spread your wings and fly! We are right behind you every step of the way!

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Settling In and Getting things Done

Since arriving home we have hit the ground running with medical appointments. We knew the children had special needs going into the adoption, but were surprised and concerned on somethings after meeting and being around our children longer. I started setting up appointments right away, with different providers, but knew that the majority of the appointments could not be set up until we saw our pediatrician for referrals.

We are attending evaluations and specific clinics to each childs needs. This is a huge learning experience. We have been very please with all the wonderful care the kids have recieved up on the hill at OHSU, Doernbecher and Shriner's.

To date we have had a eye dr appts,MRI, Dental surgery, OT evals, x-rays, molds made for leg braces, shots, and blood work. We took this week off due to spring break and all 5 kids being home from school, but will get back at it starting Tuesday! I have tried to remember to take photos along the way to document our time. Hard when I am also trying to be there for each child and take in all the new information given to me. Some things we already knew and recently we have hit some new territory that we will be exploring medically.