Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Settling In and Getting things Done

Since arriving home we have hit the ground running with medical appointments. We knew the children had special needs going into the adoption, but were surprised and concerned on somethings after meeting and being around our children longer. I started setting up appointments right away, with different providers, but knew that the majority of the appointments could not be set up until we saw our pediatrician for referrals.

We are attending evaluations and specific clinics to each childs needs. This is a huge learning experience. We have been very please with all the wonderful care the kids have recieved up on the hill at OHSU, Doernbecher and Shriner's.

To date we have had a eye dr appts,MRI, Dental surgery, OT evals, x-rays, molds made for leg braces, shots, and blood work. We took this week off due to spring break and all 5 kids being home from school, but will get back at it starting Tuesday! I have tried to remember to take photos along the way to document our time. Hard when I am also trying to be there for each child and take in all the new information given to me. Some things we already knew and recently we have hit some new territory that we will be exploring medically.

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