Thursday, April 2, 2015

10 Years Old Today and Home at Last!!

Today is our now oldest daughters 10th birthday! Her first Birthday surrounded by her forever family. We do not know if she was ever celebrated on this special day, but I like to hold out hope that she was or that her birthmother thinks about her on this day. I can not imagine my child not being with me and we will never understand her families decisions, but we will always pray for them. Pray for peace that they know she is now loved and cherished. She is celebrating birthdays like other children. Blowing out candles and being sung too!

In the 2 monthes sincer we have been home we have seen so much growth in Kya. She is a happy, joyous child, who shows it usually loudly, lol! She is developing an opinion, likes and dislikes, she is learning new things everyday. We know God placed her in our lives for a special reason, and we can not wait to see her story unfold.

Shine your light sweet girl, share your infectious laugh and smile with all around you. Spread your wings and fly! We are right behind you every step of the way!

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