Saturday, August 6, 2016

First Big Surgery and Summer Fun

We knew this day would come and feel blessed that we got to wait a year and a half since arriving home with our children to have to experience our first big surgery. Now do not get me wrong we have been to so many drs appointments I can not even count nor to I even care to try. They were all necessary and great things have been accomplished. We have had time to grow as a family mentally and physically so we decided after all our big vacation plans were done we would start our first of many more to come surgeries. I figured this may be a good time to sit and open up my blog that I neglect so very badly. Since sitting is hard to come by these days. I will recap our summer first.

We have been having an amazing summer and our big family trip went so well! The two big kids competed in Taekwondo Nationals in Richmond, VA and did amazing. They worked so hard to prepare for the tournament and we enjoyed watching and cheering them on. Kopelan faught his hardest during his sparring match and though he lost it was a great learning experience. Kendall participated in board breaking and brought home a bronze medal! Their entire team just did amazing and it was just a wonderful experience.

While we were in VA we visited with family on KC's side that we had not seen for many years. Many cousins meeting for the first time or reacquainting after many years.It was so fun to see how our family has grown over the years and to have all the kids together to play was just so neat! A grandparents dream I am sure! We spent a couple days at Busch Gardens Williamsburg and Water Country USA, even watched the firework display at Colonial Williamsburg. It was beautiful. Meals spent with family around the table and just a slower, go with the flow, vacation attitude. It was so hot and muggy though. One thing about the East we are not really missing living on the west coast haha.

We returned home and the kids headed right into VBS where we had a little bit of an unexpected event as on Wednesday at the camp Kingston broke his right leg. We had planned on doing surgery on both legs to get it all over with, but that put a stop to that plan. He was very lucky and they were just able to cast it up and let the healing begin.

So fast forward to Aug. 5th surgery day! Shriner's bright and early! He got pushed back on the schedule some, but he truly has the best attitude about life and that carried over onto surgery day as well. We had already answered many many questions and informed him the best we could so I think that helped. He showed up at the hospital smiling and excited too.... wait for it... WATCH HIS OWN TV!! Yep that is the only questions, concerns, words that really he had. When do I get to my room with the TV? Is there a TV in my room? Yep there ya have it, no worries on the cut open leg as long as there is a tv we are A-okay! They quickly won his heart by handing him an ipad once we were checked in and I did not see his eye balls again until they came in to ask questions and I made a rule if a dr or nurse walked in to talk he needed to lay it face down so he could answer questions with out them repeating it 100 times to a zombie face, lol! So he did good with that rule. Once it was go time, they gave him the loopy juice, silly juice, relaxation meds, whatever the name you get the idea. At that point we enjoyed the breath taking view out his window of downtown portland and the river as his head got heavy and eyes started to roll, lol. It did not take long. The anesthiologist came in and handed him another phone with movie playing on it and with in minutes we said our see ya laters and I love you's and he was rolled off to surgery. Not one bit of anxiety. Brave Boy he is!

Friday, January 29, 2016

Life of a Mom with 5

Life of a mom with 5. So I never took into consideration that with 5 kids there is 5 times more the chance that someone is going to be sick, hurt or need a dr appt, lol. Not sure what my brain was thinking (well I guess about all the 5x the love, and hugs etc). But this week I got a taste of it and today I was spent and done and after spending Tuesday unexpectedly up at Shriners, then Wednesday PT, then Thursday back up at Shriners, you can only imagine how excited I was when I saw that on Friday, my schedule was clear. Yes you heard that right blank! So my plan was to get them all to school and come home and go back to bed. I like a good girl worked out Thursday night so I could get that out of the way and then went to bed so excited for my plan to unroll in the morning. I should have known it was all going to go wrong when at 3:30am I heard a cry and then scream for me, as a child was hysterical cause they had an accident in the bed. Now I could have said, change the sheets yourself, you are old enough. 3 is old enough right? But I rolled my groggy self out of the bed and got my child all cleaned up and nice clean sheets, while also waking her roommate to use the restroom as well. I mean we were all up with the lights on anyway, might as make it a group bathroom event! So by 4am we were all pottied and back to bed! I layed back down and boom oh no, that tension feeling, the light dull I know oh so well. A migraine is brewing, I can feel it, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Yes it was definetly there. I was just so tired I could not get up to get my medicine. So I just layed there and attempted to fall back asleep. It was a in and out, very unrestful state until the hubby got up and I requested meds and a heating pack. He knows my routine with my head and brought them to me except I was so tired my hands would not work, lol. Seriously folks I could not open the little medicine cover. So of course I just layed there, because you know that made the headache better. When hubby passed back through I asked him to open the medicine and I quickly put back under my tongue knowing my hours to sleep are now like none. I close my eyes for what felt like 5 minutes if that and yep, there goes the alarm. Now I have to be mommy, nice, loving mommy, who has not slept and who's head is pounding. Oh but my plan!!! I get to drop them all off and come back to bed! Yep that was the plan until I woke up the little girls and out of the mouth of one, "mommy I can't walk, my leg hurts, I can't walk". "What do you mean you can't walk, I just saw you walk at 3:30am". Sure enough she was barely putting weight on her right leg now. I asked her where it hurt she pointed to her knee. Now normally I would have made her push through and technically I had on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, when she had complained also. She would mention it hurt in the morning but by after school she was fine. Today was different and I knew there was no more pushing and we needed to go get it looked at and that was the moment I knew that I was not going to get to come home and crawl back in bed. This is also the moment I realised KIDS-5, MOM-0. #OUTNUMBERED #BLESSEDTOLOVESOMANY