Friday, April 8, 2011


Iwonder, how are we chosen to live the life we do? I mean I know God is in full control of our lives and knows how it will start and end before we do, but sometimes I struggle with the fact that some have it good and some have it horrible. How is that decided?

I have been really struggling with the fact that I want to adopt again. I have been researching and reading and came across the site , a site that helps families connect with special needs orphans around the world. Orphans because they were not born perfect in somebodies eyes and in their society are not accepted. How is their life chosen to live a life in an orphanage. Some who never leave, they are taken their at birth and they die there, ALONE. Never being loved on like a child should be, never being snuggled and kissed and comforted. How am I so lucky and deserving to have 2 happy healthy children, that of course are perfect to me. To always have a full belly and a roof over my head. Two parents who loved me growing up and taught me to love. How was I so lucky?

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Jodi said...

This brought tears to my eyes...that's a good question - why were we so blessed and others not...