Wednesday, March 16, 2011


This vacation has been a whirl wind of activities. Everyday is go, go, go! Our children picked up pamphlets for many different activities and had an itinerary for us all their own. It was pretty funny actually to hear them with their list. "First we will do the Horse riding, then the golf, then the candy mirror maze." then Kopelan would add in, "and see the transformers." I do have to report we have rode horses, played golf, went through a mirror maze, candy store and the Knoxville zoo. It has been so fun!

KC had to fly home yesterday and so we drove into knoxville to drop him at the airport. Sad to see him go as I hate that he does not get to spend as much time on vacation as me and the kids. He is the reason we get to do these trips and it sucks that his job ties him down so much. One day this will not be the case I know this. Anyways we took advantage of being in Knoxville and visited the Knoxville Zoo. Being a member of the Palm Beach Zoo we got entry for free (SCORE!!!) for all of us. It rained off and on, but we all made the best of it and enjoyed seeing all the different animals. I enjoy going to Zoo's with the kids as I know it will not be to many more years where they will want to do amusement parks and other exciting things. Zoo's will be become to babyish. So for now we will see the zoo's, everyone so unique from one another.

Today is our last full day. We are moving slowly today, but that is okay. The kids want to play board games with Mimi and Papa and that is okay with me. They are enjoying their time just being around my parents and I am loving just watching them.

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