Saturday, April 6, 2013

Two Months Home

Today marks two months home for our newest daughter Karis. She came home the day before her 1st B-day and tomorrow she will officially be 14mo. old.


We picked her up on a Wed. morning. Said our goodbyes to her foster mother and headed home. She was obviously very unaware of what was going on and that her world was about to change forever. She was leaving the only home she has ever known and entering her forever life. With both of our big kids at school we got to bring her home to her new house in a quiet state (not the norm). She was able to explore her room and house with mom and dad by her side.

Once the kids got home she got a true taste of her new world. A whirlwind of activity. We kept her mainly home and in our routine of taking kids to and from school etc, but that was about it. We know how important the bonding process is and wanted her to feel comfortable in her new home and with her new family. We have since the first few weeks started venturing out. She has now been on her first vacation with the family, enjoyed her first Easter egg hunt, attended girl scout meetings, school parties, and we are just now headed into baseball/softball season where she will root her big sister and brother on from the sidelines!! She even has a team sweatshirt for each team (made by her Uncle Richie, ).

We are enjoying our time still getting to know Karis and who she is, her likes and dislikes. She is learning very quickly about living in a family and being the baby. She has big kids who want to hold her, pack her around, push her stroller, and be in her face all the time (she does not always enjoy their love, lol). She has a mommy who wants to snuggle and a Daddy who likes to throw her up (this again she does not appreciate). She really is a good baby and has a welcoming smile for everybody. She loves, loves, her food and travels well in the car (big plus for our on the go family). She is getting braver every day with cruising around furniture and standing alone. Karis is not the quiet baby we first met, but has adapted to her loud environment and joined right in.

Sorry to my followers for such a big gap in my blogging, but this has been my life. Getting use to having a baby in the house again. I hope to get better at blogging. I still have my orphan babies that I advocate for and will get their sweet faces up here soon so you can all see them and hear the progress of Copeland and Garrison coming home!!!

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Kathy said...

Yes - Karis is starting to come into her own. She really is a good baby and seems to roll with the activities of the Lee Camp. She is starting to recognize people, including Mimi!:) Still have not gotten her to sing "Oh Mimi" - but she is an avid "clunk, clunk' girl- (a tradition of clunking heads and she picked that up right away!) :) Love you Karis! Welcome Home!