Sunday, May 18, 2014

Seeing the RED

If you are following along on our Adoption journey then you know we are in our I800a approval wait. We have had our fingerprint appointments on 5/8 and were praying and anxiously awaiting our approval letter. Well less than a week after our appointment my husband received a phone call from USCIS saying they just wanted to clarify things. In his "excitement/nervousness" he pushed the button erasing the message before doing anything with it. Frantically calling me I go in to investigator mode to find out who the call was from and what they needed.  I got through to a lady who told us we had been assigned an officer.  I knew from talking to other adoptive parents being assigned an officer was a great step to be in!  So of course said officer does not answer phone and I leave a message stating what happened and we are again waiting for her call.  Phone tag was played for a day or so, not fun in the waiting process. When we finally made contact, she told my husband it was a wording problem, but  had been cleared up. OKAY.  
Well that same day I get an email from our placing agency saying they received a letter from USCIS that we were missing something in our home study. WHAT? She attached the letter and told me i would be receiving the same said letter. I head to the mailbox. OPEN. Pulling out all those nice white envelopes, as I thumb through I see it. THE RED LETTER sticking out like a sore thumb through that white envelope with the return address USCIS. OH NO, Ugh. Not good. My mind is racing and I tear it open, what did I forget or do wrong, I double checked everything before sending. I had been so careful to read every step of instructions and more than once. But at the top of that letter head it said in all caps and bold, black letters,  REQUEST FOR EVIDENCE . This my friends is the dreaded RFE. Upon further reading of the letter I find out this in no mistake of mine, but something is missing from our home study.  See we have to have Child Abuse Registry Checks in every state we have ever lived in since the age of 18. If you know my husband and I that means quite a few.  I am praying this is something that is already done and just forgot to get added into our home study.
After 2 days of emails and phone calls on a Friday at 5pm I spoke with our social worker who reassured me we did fill out the proper forms to have these checks done and he will be checking on Monday to find out with USCIS exactly what they need as proof that it was done. I let him know this was a time sensitive matter as we have been moving along pretty smoothly with everything so far. So please pray come Monday we will have some answers and that this will be a quick fix.

Prayer Requests - Besides named above.
-Pray that our future daughters file is moving along in the proper steps of preparation everyday. That we will receive it soon or an update of its where abouts.
-Pray for our up coming Kicks for a Kause Fundraiser that will take place May 31st here in Sherwood, OR at our local Taekwondo Gym
-Pray for our future sons leg that it may heal properly.

Thank you all for following along on our journey and all of your support and prayers.

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Crystal Kupper said...

The inefficiency of government never ceases to amaze me. Hang in there, friend! :-)