Thursday, July 28, 2011

Shower, Teeth and Urgent Care

I wonder what reading the title makes you think? What your first thoughts are? For me it is not a good combination of words. Well this was my reality this evening. These words were front and center in my world.

I asked Kendall to get in the shower before dinner. Usually not a problem, but tonight for some reason she wanted to shower in her own bathroom. I didn't feel like a fight so said sure. Got her all set up. Stuck the non slip froggy shaped pads in the bottom and she started showering. I was running around getting the babies dinner ready, the kids dinner cooked, Kope ready for his bath. I went into the bathroom, gave her the shampoo for her hair. Turned around to get Kopelan ready to get in for his bath and before I knew it I heard the thunk and then the cry. It took me 2seconds to open the curtain and she was already standing rubbing the shampoo in her hair, but with blood pouring out her mouth. Umm hello, trying not to freak out as I help my dripping wet, naked child out of the shower as blood pours out her mouth. Head and mouth wounds are so ridiculous with the amount they bleed. I grabbed the first towel I saw and put it to her mouth, then another for her body. Ushered her downstairs where I knew my phone was, all the while telling my other child to get all his clothes back on.
Staying calm for the sake of Kendall who is starting to notice the amount of blood on the towel, and panic is rising in her.

"Mom, I am never gonna be able to talk again."
" I think you will be okay you are talking now, lol"

I got her to move the towel long enough for me to see 2 good size teeth marks on her outer lower lip, and her front teeth looking very pushed back.

Called KC told him to meet me at Urgent care as Kendall may need stitches. So I pulled dinner out of the oven, helped Kope get dressed, quickly made a bottle for the baby who was not so patiently waiting for her dinner, and threw them all in the car for the 2min drive to the Urgent Care.

Got all checked in, fed the baby and tried to keep my wild monkey under control aka Kopelan. KC finally arrived to take the little ones home and Kendall and I went back to see the Dr. He checked her out and said he could put a stitch in her outer lip if I wanted, but thought with neosporin and an antibiotic she would heal up nicely. As for her teeth he could not give me any info so I have left a message with her dentist who of course is not open tomorrow. I do think I will have her seen though as one of her teeth looks like it has been shoved up in to the gum. I went and looked at photos of her prior to the accident and it looks different. Her two front teeth are very loose and I think the tooth fairy will be visiting very soon.

So she is all good, but has some nasty marks on her mouth and a fat lip. Kendall is not a stranger to mouth injuries though. It seems if she has something happen, it always happens to her mouth. She has had an ER visit with stitches in the lip and a previous Urgent Care visit where she also narrowly escaped stitches. I am praying this will be the last of these mouth incidents, at least for a while. Kendall has informed me that she will no longer ask to take a shower in her room. I think it is a great plan since I always discouraged it, but just didn't feel like the fight tonight. Sometimes our kids have to learn the hard way on things we are constantly telling them. This just ended up being the hard way and I am sure a very expensive way. Blah

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