Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Two Front Teeth and a Sleeping Tooth Fairy

Well after Kendall's shower accident we made an appt. to see the dentist and check for any damage hitting her teeth so hard could have caused. First up an x-ray, everything looked good from what I could see, although I am not into the x-ray reading business.

While we waited for the dentist, sitting on a child sized couch, I looked around and saw how much dentists have changed since I was a kid. Books in the waiting area have been replaced with 6 tv's all hooked up with different video game systems. Kopelan really enjoys trying to figure these out. The children in the chair are given a choice of toothpaste. The list is long too, marshmallow, vanilla, strawberry, mint, chocolate, etc. They get to choose from a variety of characterized tooth brushes and to finish it off when they are done they get a token, which they then take to a machine and can buy a little trinket.

We waited for about 10min before we were called back to the little room to be seen by the dentist. She laid Kendall down looked at her teeth and the x-ray and proceeded to tell me that the teeth are causing more pain and soreness then need be staying in and that she could quickly numb them with gel and pluck them out. So with some encouraging Kendall agreed to let her try. She numbed up the gums and gave one of the teeth a solid tug. With that tug also came flailing feet and arms from my child. Followed by a gush of blood, but when i got a look i still saw 2 teeth hanging. Not good. We had to come up with a new plan and fast. My child is now scared, crying and bleeding. The dentist moved us to another room where a dose of laughing gas was on order. Kendall calmed down and the assistant explained to us that the funny clown nose goes on the face and Kendall will soon be smelling waffles or pancakes (just a ploy to get the kids to breathe in deep trying to smell, lol). Within a couple minutes Kendall was no longer scared. She had a silly grin on her face and was giggling. 5min later both teeth were out and she was good to go. She proudly carried her 2 top teeth out the door in a plastic bag, ready for a visit from the tooth fairy.

Fast forward to bed time. We got the teeth all set up under her pillow and ready for the tooth fairy. Since my child can not stay a full night in her own bed, I semi remember being awaken by her telling me she was getting in my bed and had brought her teeth with her. At 5:30am when my husbands alarm went off, I gave my routine nudge for him to get up and turn it off. On most mornings Kendall would not even react to the alarm, but i guess she had important things on her mind as she jumped up and looked under her pillow. OOPS. The tooth fairy fell asleep. I quickly came up with an excuse telling her it was still dark out and daddy was just going potty. Must have worked as she went right back to sleep and gave me enough time to do the big switch. She awoke to find $6 left by the tooth fairy. She then wanted to know why when I was little the tooth fairy only brought me quarters ( I do not know, why mom and dad)? She was very pleased and put the money straight in her bank. She loves to look in the mirror and smile and herself. She really looks cute with those missing teeth. I can not believe my little girl has now lost 4 teeth. This tooth fairy is gonna be a broke one over the next few years, but before that happens she better by herself an alarm clock or she's gonna get caught.

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