Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Kindergarten Already?

Kendall had her first couple days of Kindergarten this week. I keep thinking to myself, "seriously she is not old enough for kindergarten." She is my little girl. It feels like just yesterday we were at the hospital anticipating her birth. Then after we first laid eyes on her we looked into her Birth Mothers eyes and promised to give her the best, to protect her, and love her always. The firsts have continued to come, first teeth, first steps, first birthday, first tooth lost, and first dance recital! Here we are now, she is 5 years old (for a few more weeks) and having another big first, SCHOOL! Kindergarten is such a great year, fun and learning all mixed into one. The teachers get these little ones all set up for the next 12 years of their lives. Trying to instill in them an excitement about learning and reading. I can see it in Kendall already! We are so excited for her. She has grown to be such a sensitive, wonderful, kind, glamorous little girl and we could not be more proud of all that she has accomplished and will accomplish as she discovers and explores this new world of learning and independence.

She was nervous, but she put on her brave face and stepped out of my arms with one last hug and kiss of course. I will miss her while she is away, but will always look forward to hear about her day when she gets home. When you hear people say those firsts come and go quickly they are not kidding. Cherish all the firsts, no matter how little or big or at what age your child reaches them. They are so very special.

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