Sunday, December 18, 2011

Morning Anticipation

You know that feeling when you were a kid, when you headed to bed knowing the next morning Santa would have visited your house. You lay in bed trying so hard to go to sleep. To set aside the excitement of the next day. After all Mom and Dad said Santa will not come until you are sleeping. Then usually waking earlier then normal and waiting as patiently as you possibly can for all to wake so you can dive under the tree and see what Santa brought you.

It is funny that as an adult I get the same feeling of anticipation, the excitement, but it is not for me. It is for my children and foster children. To see the look on their little faces when the walk out of the room and see a tree full of presents. With 4 kids in the house it looks like a lot, lol. Especially when we are just using our indoor palm as our Christmas tree. (by the way the kids think any tree is cool, even when it sits there all year round we just added lights and ornaments). I still go to bed later, this time not because I am waiting for Santa, but because I have to stay awake until my little ones excitement passes and they fall asleep. I have to be Santa (last year santa fell asleep, oops. Woke in a panic at like 4am, haha). Then I still wake early with excitement because I want to be up and see their sweet little faces when they wake up. So really nothing has changed about the anticipation and excitement accept where it is directed. I love Christmas!!

Although we have fun with the Santa thing we still teach our children about Jesus and that this is really the day to celebrate him and his birth. We have a special birthday party on Christmas day, it is all about Jesus. We bake a cake and we sing! It is another reason to celebrate a wonderful day filled with smiles, love, and family!! Merry Christmas everybody!

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