Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Anticipation and Prayer

I got a great email last night from our Adoption worker, the home study is almost done!!!! It is possible it could be finished this week. We have been praying for the little one or ones that will be brought into our lives. That their hearts will be open and ready and that so will ours. I can not wait to start the search and continued prayer to find the child or children to add to our family. I know the next step, the search could take awhile, but I keep thinking in my head what a wonderful Christmas gift it would be to have our new members with us. To start being a family with new traditions and showing our love and faith to our children during the holiday season.

Other then that awesome news are family is doing great. We are still settling in to our new home here in OR. Kendall loves her new school and new friends. She is taking jump roping class after school once a week and learning lots of new skills. She continues to amaze us with how smart she is and all she is learning.

Kopelan will start school after the new year and is currently attending a Lego Robotics class and enjoying it fully. It is amazing to watch his determination with new skills.

KC is loving his new job and it is a very different atmosphere then his last job, continues to challenge him everyday, yet give him freedom to participate in more of the kids activities or school functions. This is huge for our family!

Me, well I am busy running the kids to and fro, unpacking (still) and learning a new routine. I found a MOPS group (mothers of Preschoolers Support) and also Momsnext (the school age years). I am enjoying getting to see my parents at least once a week also. Family is the best!

That is all for now, but when I have more news I will update again! Please if you feel inclined pray for our family and future children!

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