Monday, November 19, 2012

On the Road Again...

Most people that know me know I love to be on the go. When my daughter became school age I felt like a lot of my/our freedom left also. Most parents can not wait for the kids to hit those years of going to school, I on the other hand sort of dreaded it. I do however love school holidays and vacations! I usually know when they are coming and have a trip planned. Whether it be somewhere close or somewhere far, getting away from the house and everyday chores is something I look forward too. This last weekend was no different. Kendall got out of school Friday and began a nice long week vacation! So I packed the suitcases, kids, my mom and off to Kennewick, WA we went. It was a long drive,but very scenic. The kids were occupied by of course every electronic they could get their hands on, but it made for a quiet ride, lol! When we arrived we were greeted by very excited cousins! Love Family!

Santa Baby, yes we got the kids photos with Santa. Went early and there was no line. Little Miss EEEEE was not a big fan of this old man. But we got one with no crying and went with it. We then headed to a bazaar where we proceeded to taste all the yummy samples of fudge, pretzels and dip, kettle corn, and even some wine slushies!
The rest of the weekend was spent just hanging out. We made caramel apples with yummy toppings! They were tasty.(i LOVE caramel)

The majority of the weekend though was spent with Mommy/daughter talks and the kids playing Beyblades. These toys were a lifesaver and kept them entertained with minimal fighting for hours. Who knew 3 kids, 3 Beyblades and a mixing bowl could equal a ton of fun!

The weekend went by to fast, good food, good talks, and lots of family time. Far to soon it was time to repack the suitcases, the kids, and my mom and head back home. On the way home we stopped for lunch at a place called Cousins! Pretty fitting for our trip. They greet you by saying "Hi Cousin", thought that was sort of cute. We stopped for a few photos of course.

We are now home and preparing for more family time during this Thanksgiving Holiday. I am so Thankful for Family. Thankful for a hardworking Husband that allows our travel bugs to be fulfilled. Thankful for school holidays so that I can spend lots of time with my children. I hope you all have a blessed week whether you are staying put in your home or traveling near or far. Be Thankful, Happy and Full of Love!

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