Friday, January 24, 2014

In the Midst

We are full swing in the adoption mode now. This coming weekend we have our social worker coming for her first visit. We have worked hard and she has all the paperwork she needs (minus 1 reference, you know who you are, lol). So we are cleaning and prepping and getting ready for the questions that will be asked of us during our interviews. I am so glad we are not new to this process. We have had way to many social workers in our home over the years doing foster care and our adoptions. I do not really stress it to much. I do not go pulling my refrigerator out to scrub behind it, or anything to extreme. I just make sure the house smells good and looks clean and safe. Having children in the home now you can only stress over it so much right. It would truly not be a true picture of our home of toys were not scattered here and there. We want our house to look like children live there, that they are enjoying their time and play. I will do my best though right before she shows up to get all the last scattered things put where they belong. It will take some planning and prep of maybe a snack time happening right at the same time so that the messy tornadoes, I mean lovely children keep things where they need to be for at least the 5 or 10 minutes while the worker walks in and looks around. First Impressions make a difference right!

Other then cleaning, with our first agency fees paid we have received this big, fun, intimidating packet! The Dossier Guide. A Dossier is:
noun 1.a collection of documents about a particular person, event, or subject.
"we have a dossier on him"
synonyms:file, report, case history; More

Reading through it there is so much to do, but I know we need to take it one page at a time. A friend suggested putting each paper in a plastic protective sheet and keeping it all in a 3 ring binder, so that is what we did and it seems to be working great! We have already received some fun documents in the mail our certified marriage certificate and K.C.'s birth certificate! I still need to go down and order mine. I will do that in person since we live close and it will save me the long turn around time. We will slowly collect all these forms. papers and documents and eventually a lot of them will need to be notarized, Certified again and then Authenticated. All this takes time and money.

So that is where we are at. Right now the big thing for us is getting the Home Study done. We will continue to fundraise while we wait. We have our Light the Sky fundraiser going right now if you read a few blog posts down or check out our facebook page ( ).
We are selling Chinese lanterns to light the sky on the last day of the Chinese New Year which happens to be Valentines Day. Dedicate it to someone special. $6 donated to our FSP ( ). Then email me the receipt ( with your message you would like on the lantern!! We have 95 more to sell. Please help us bring our children home. I keep having thoughts that we will recreate the lantern scene from the movie Tangled (minus the obvious warm weather they had)!


Just1More said...

Hey! We live in Tallahassee and are adopting a Little Flower baby (3 year old Kun) through CCAI. If Kat is your home study person, she's wonderful! Don't worry about toys. She had to swim through them at my house yesterday to do a home study update. We needed an update cause we just got two foster children.

Kelly Lee said...

Haha, no we are in OR so we are using a private agency for our Home Study and then CCAI for our placing agency. So exciting for you! Where are you at in the process? We actually just moved from FL in 2012. We lived in the Palm Beach Area.