Wednesday, April 23, 2014

While We Wait...

What are we waiting for now? We are currently in a waiting period for our USCIS Biometric Appointment. In scientific terms, "biometrics is" means anatomical or physiological data by which a person can be uniquely identified. So at our appointment they will most likely collect our fingerprints, take our photo, and have us sign our name for electronic capture. Seems pretty simple. Then we start another wait for our approval letter!

While we wait we have a few things going on that you as a community can help us with in raising funds to bring our children home!!! We have a Pink Zebra fundraiser going through the end of April!!! This is just in time for Mother's Day! They have wonderful gifts and what Mother does not like a nice smelling home. Plus there are Mother's Day Specials (I love a deal)! Pink Zebra Sprinkles are a unique scented wax melt that is available in 51 different scents – combining different scents together allows you to make your own custom blend.THey have beautiful warmers that you place the sprinkles in, that add warmth and decor to any room. They also have diffusers, soaps and lotions!

Then for all the special kiddos in your life!!! We have an awesome fundraiser going through the end of April. Usborne Books and More! I can not rave enough. My Mother In-Love (Law is not nice, lol) ordered books for the kids for Easter through our fundraiser (Thank you Denise), and they loved them. My son got his first ever Chapter book, written to his level, he is in Kindergarten, and it gave him such a confidence boost. He has read the whole thing and now checked out another chapter book at the Library. I am hoping this has sparked a love for reading in him. Our eldest daughter already has that love, but was excited to discover a new series of books. She is an animal lover (good thing since we live on a mini farm) and has really enjoyed the Amy Wild Animal Talk Book she received. Baby she loves all books, because that means that someone is spending time with her!! Books are great for one on one time and bonding. We sit our children close, or in our laps and we read, we interact, we give them our complete focus! What could be better.

Then for some exciting upcoming fundraisers!! On May 1st we will Launch our Puzzle fundraiser! We had a friend (thank you Annie)take a special photo (check her out )that represents the new additions to our family and we have turned this photo into a puzzle! We will sell each puzzle piece for $5. When you sponsor a puzzle piece we will write your name on the back of the piece and then when the puzzle is all finished we will glue together and frame in a glass frame so that we can hang in our play area! We want our children to know the village it took to bring them home, that they were loved and wanted by so many before they came! We will keep all posted as the puzzle comes together with photos and maybe some videos of the children home already helping put it together (just because they are cute)! The donations can be made to our FSP on . Again we will launch this on May 1st.

Our other BIG NEWS for May is that the week of May 5th our family has been chosen to be the featured family on the facebook page Give1Save1 ( ) This is such an honor and could really be a big deal for our fundraising! We will need everybody's help though. You can even go right now and like the page so you do not forget. They also have a blog that you can check out and read about the featured families and other organizations they are supporting. The point is to get all of the community involved. To give $1 and watch your $1 grow. To help save 1 orphan, and in our families case 2. We would love your support in helping us share this page on the week of May 5th especially. We will have a video of our families journey to share with you and it is amazing! I may or may not have watched it like 1000 times already, it just makes me smile and feel so blessed with what God has done in our lives and how he has chosen to grow our family!


Crystal Kupper said...

Lots of big stuff coming up! Exciting!

Kelly Lee said...

We got our I800a receipt today so we are officially on day 7 of our wait!!