Friday, January 2, 2015

TA and Travel Plans

We received our TA and are full swing into making our travel plans. We have a CA (Consulate Appointment) for 1/29. That means that we need to be there 2 weeks prior to meet our children and do all the paperwork needed prior to this appointment. So the official day we will meet our children will be 1/19. To say this is all coming fast is an understatement. When you work on something for over a year, praying, filling out tons of paperwork etc and then finally you get the all clear to go get your children. Let me tell you, the night we booked our tickets and it was really, really real, this mama's anxiety got a little out of control. I have since calmed down a little enough to be able to breathe. HAHA.

We have booked our flights to and from, we have got our hotels booked and we have started the packing process. We have 13 days, well technically 12 days as today is almost over. So lots to do. I have lists and lists. Trying to figure out how to pack for 6 people, but not over pack is sort of difficult for me. Layer, Layers. Two of the Cities we will be in will be in the 40'-50's and then our final City will be 60's-70's, let me tell you as an Oregonian in the middle of the winter I can not wait to get to that last stop!

I am doing all I can to try and be successful with internet etc in country and so hope I will be able to post whether on blogger or on our facebook page I have heard communication can be iffy in some places, but we will try our hardest so make sure to like our page and check often. Last if you all can be praying. Pray that our children's hearts are ready to receive us and the love we have for them, that they may be able to let us comfort them when they grieve and feel afraid. Pray protection for us and our health while we are in a foreign country. We so love all our supporters! We could not have done this without you. We have a fundraiser going on right now that has been started by our friends. Please go check it out it looks like a fun one!

We are still trying to reach $4000 in our FSP to announce our daughters Forever Name also. We are less than $200 away. If you would like to make a tax deductible donation to our FSP here is that link

YAY, YAY, YAY, Here we come kids. It has been a long year, but this year is going to be amazing. What a way to start the year off!

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Laura Smith said...

Praying for all of you. So much.