Wednesday, December 17, 2014

A Name!

We have said for a while if we could reach $3500 in our FSP we would share our newest sons forever name. We originally wanted to be able to share it on his Birthday as we as a family celebrated him and put his new name on the cake. We had a mini party for him, celebrating his last birthday without a family by his side. Even though we did not make our goal then we held true to our word and yesterday we finally hit $3500 in our FSP. This is a huge milestone, well any growth in our account is a huge blessing. We are working hard to grow our FSP and when it reaches just over $11,000 we will be fully funded for our adoption. I know it sounds like a huge number, but it can happen and I have seen it happen many times over with families adopting. God set us out on this journey and he will provide away. All donations are tax deductible so if you, a friend or your company is looking to make a huge blessing before year end please consider our family.

Sorry for getting side tracked, lol. Dang money talk. Back to why I started this blog post. The name, I know you all want to know what new "K" name will be entering our family. I say it like that as all 5 of us so far start with K's, we of course would never leave anybody out. I do have to say it is getting harder to think or come up with names. Everybody except my husband has the same initials KML. I have tried to change it, but now it is just sort of our thing. When thinking and praying about names though it can get difficult. Especially when this mama like now just run of the mill names. I love my kids to have names that stand out. That are a little unique. It was funny though Little man's first name came to me pretty quickly after looking at all his photos, seeing his personality through them. We did as a family sit down and do our name choosing game of sorts, just as my husband did with our first two, and the we as a family of 4 did when we add our youngest. We love that the children are as involved in the adoption as we are, they are excited to welcome a brother and sister into the family (that can change as all settle in, lol), but we will take all the excitement and happiness for now!

So we sat down, we all wrote out our "K" name suggestions, but I was pretty sure I had found the right name and so this mama of course let her opinion known, lol. To my surprise they all liked it and took to it very quickly. All though most of the time when we refer to him in our house, the kids still call him by his Chinese name and we will probably use it as a nickname if he would like us to continue that once home (he has also been talked to about his new name). I also had been looking over middle names beginning with the letter "M" and had found one that I really liked. Loved the meaning and liked how it sounded with the first name. So that was my proposal! It was a winner!

So no more stalling, I would love to introduce you to our newest little Man, he is so cute and we can not wait to meet him. Just look at that face, the smile, those eyes, lol. Okay, Okay!!!!

                        Kingston Matthew

So excited it is finally out in the open! Matthew - The meaning of the name Matthew is Gift Of God ( and that he is to us. He has waited so long for a family of his own and we are so excited to be chosen as that family.

Now for our next goal we are trying to reach $4000 in our FSP Once we have reached $4000 we will share our daughters forever name. I know you are curious!!! Please help us reach our goal!

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Crystal Kupper said...

I love the meaning of names, praying little man lives up to his! :-)