Friday, December 5, 2014

Article 5 Drop Off!!!!!

On Monday our article 5 will be dropped off to the US Embassy in China! What is an article 5? This is the NVC letter we received, our children's visa applications, and our LOA- letter of acceptance. The consulate will review the kids visa applications to make sure they meet the qualifications for an immigrant visa. Then they will sign off that everything is in order for the adoption to take place! This is called the article 5 letter. Once our representative in China picks this up (in about two weeks) it will be delivered directly to the CCCWA for our Travel Approval! Yeah!! Let the countdown begin!! We are sooooo close. This seems so unreal that we last December were just starting the process of gathering info and first steps of initial paperwork. I am also in the process of getting all our travel visa paperwork sent off to a courier who will take it to the Consulate here for our Travel Visa's to China. That is paperwork x4 since we are taking our 2 oldest children with us.

Financially we are still working hard fundraising and asking for support. This is a perfect time to donate as all donations to our FSP are tax deductible. So if you, your company or a group are looking for a group or family to support our family would feel so blessed for you to join our village in helping bring our children home. We are still standing by our word as well if we can get our FSP to $3500 we will announce our sons forever name!

Also check our facebook page for current fundraisers We currently have a Usborne book fundraiser and I can not say enough about these amazing books. Can never have too many, and the gift of reading for children is always an amazing one. We also have a Jewelry Fundraiser by Nest Design. She makes personalized Pea Pod style or Bird Nest Style necklaces, to reflect your family, your children, your grandchildren etc. I have met this wonderful adoptive mama herself and she does beautiful work.

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