Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Date " F"

Get your minds out of the gutter people. We had such a fun Letter date "F". This was my date to plan and after Date "E" not ending so well. I was determined to have a great time. I have been listening to Love and Respect and just learning so much and loving learning ways to improve my marriage. Marriage is not always easy friends. Love is a choice. We have to choose to love our spouse everyday, even when we do not feel like they are acting lovable. So going in to date F, I put thought into it. Something he would enjoy, something that would have to allow/force me to trust him, something we could do together, I could learn, he could teach. I think I nailed it. Here is some of the equipment needed.

I have never been shooting before, but we have a live fire range that has just moved to Sherwood so I thought what the heck, let's give it a try. My husband having the military background enjoys this stuff and I knew would love teaching me. We own a shotgun and I am all about knowledge, so wanted this date to bring me knowledge to something we have in our home for protection. Living out in the country, this is protection from mainly wild animals if they should happen on our property. I will pray we never see them (cougar, coyote) and it never has to be used. Never the less knowledge is power. So here we go. I was a sort of nervous wreck just walking in the building. I filled out my liability forms, said prayers in my head and got all geared up. They lead us back through a few sets of doors onto the firing range. It was silent when we walked in and the gentleman was explaining all the rules etc and then someone shot and I think I leapt a foot in the air. Not joking. Every shot for the next few minutes caught me off guard, and I either jumped or had an obvious flinch. Slowly I started to relax. Then it was my turn to shoot. We of course shot at Zombies, because we had to prepare for the zombie take over you know, lol! There are no pictures of me shooting, but there is a video and maybe someday when I learn to get videos onto my blog it will be on here, but until then it will just get posted to my facebook page.

In the video you can see how nervous I am, and that is not the first time I had shot that evening it was like the 5th or 6th. The first time I was shaking so bad. I could not even hold the shotgun up. Hubby came along side me and helped and encouraged. It was scary, but I did it. Again and again. Each time though I had to get up the courage to pull the trigger. In the video you can see and tell by my body language as I shift, and hesitate for a long time between shots. My motto this year for myself though is "Love Life, Be Brave" I was being brave for sure.

After shooting we headed to dinner at Famous Dave's BBQ, we had a delicious dinner, way to big, lol. Wonderful conversation, hubby told me about the first time he ever shot a gun and also some of his experiences in the army. It was so nice to hear him talk and enjoy himself. I love still being able to learn new things about him. We actually sat and talked for a while after we were done eating, enjoying our time together with no children! When we decided that maybe the babysitter had had enough we headed home. My love tank was just full. We snuggled on the couch and watched a movie, and finished our date with the most important "F", FAMILY! Blessed!

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