Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Date "E"

Just because I am blogging about these I thought if I skipped one it would be strange to everybody. I do not really want to write about this date. Everything started great. My poor husband having worked in NY all week and flown across the United States to get home that day and still went out on a date with me. I appreciated that. We had a nice dinner, good conversation and we probably should have ended it there. As I believe fatigue and miscommunication turned our great evening into a not so fun evening that ended. This is real life people. Not everything is all rosy and perfect all the time. These not so good times give us a time for self reflection, a time to think and a time to apologize and work it out. I do all this with a lot of prayer. Prayer for my husband, myself, my heart and our marriage. " Prayer is the least and the most we can do. We did learn that dating on a day where you are exhausted is probably not a great thing. Lesson learned. On to date "F"

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