Wednesday, November 19, 2014

We have our LOA and now i800 wait begins!

I totally forgot to announce on our blog that we have our LOA!!!! This is the biggest approval for China families(besides our Travel Approval). LOA (Letter of Approval) is the longest waiting period really. We waited 76 long days for this approval. Actually it went rather fast until we got to day 60. I have had such a peace about this adoption and when I am in a time of waiting have learned to put my focus on my family that is present and prayer. It truly worked yall. Prayer is just something amazing. It just helps you Let it all go, lets you live your life without stress or worry of the future. I am a firm believer in Prayer. At day 60 the wait did get a little harder, but it was more I think the excitement and anticipation as I knew were getting closer. In the end we waited 76 days. We got to check the box saying we accept the named child (our child) and sign as the adoptive parents! What a feeling that was, praise to God!

We are now waiting on our i800 approval from the USCIS. This was mailed out a week ago monday and actually just today I received my text message and email stating our case was received. So it could be now a couple weeks before we receive this approval. From the USCIS website; "USCIS will provisionally approve the Form I-800 if the child qualifies for classification as a Convention adoptee and the proposed adoption or grant of custody will meet Convention requirements." In case you did not know what it was for, I am learning as I go as there are so many steps and approvals that have to be done. It is a brain overload really. We are excited to be at this point because it means that we could be about 8 weeks from traveling to meet our children. After almost a year of working on this process that is just about the most exciting and motivating news ever.

So we ask that you continue to pray as the paperwork is processed and approvals are issued that all will go smoothly. We appreciate everybody's support through kind words, participation in our fundraisers and prayers. It is such a blessing to have such a large village surrounding us.

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