Monday, July 28, 2008

Little Girls

Somebody forgot to tell me that little girls are just miniature teenagers. I think that God should have little girls born with a warning tag attached to their toe. The warning could say many different things. It could say, " Miniature Teenager Beware", " Beware of Flailing Arms and Legs", " Body Size Does Not Determine Size of Attitude", or maybe " I Am Always Right, Thought I Would Warn You Ahead Of Time". Being the mother of a beautiful, smart, strong willed, stubborn 2 1/2 year old is teaching me new things in life. Like patience, unconditional love, and how to pick my battles. Battles like its okay to wear rain boots, Minnie Mouse slippers, or sometimes even princess dress shoes on a 95 degree day with shorts and a tee-shirt out to the grocery store and who knew that if your hair got in your face one to many times it was the end of the world! Or that she would have such an opinion on what she wears already.

A little story/example of my sweet, sweet little girl with the teenage attitude. As most of you know my daughter has an addiction problem. She is a pacifier addict. It was done the day she named it "Bebe". So yesterday Kopelan had a Bebe in hand when Kendall walked in the room. She quickly ran over and ripped it from his grasp. Me being the mommy and trying to teach my children to share with each other told her to give it back as she could go get a different one (yes, we have a million of them roaming and hiding around our house). She grudgingly gave it back, and with that she ran to her room, and before SLAMMING THE DOOR SHUT, yelled, " Its not Fair"! What the? Where did that come from? I didn't think that started until at least 10, and I was hoping for even later. I saw my sweet, innocent little girl in a different light after that. I had a flash forward of her 10 years down the road and a flash backwards of myself and the little turd I was. It was a scary, yet informative moment and yet I had to giggle a little to myself before going in and telling her that it is okay to be upset, but slamming the door is not.

This is just one example of things I have been seeing in the last few months that are making me think of 10-12 years down the road. Those dreaded teenage years that everybody talks about. The attitude, the back talk, the fight for independence. Who knew that for little girls that all starts from day one. I mean I will admit my mom did warn me, but I guess I didn't believe her. I suppose I should have since I am raising a clone of myself. A little mini me. Knowing this though just gives me inspiration to raise her right. She has all the characteristics and smarts of becoming a wonderful, loving, strong, determined woman. She will be a fighter, always striving to do her best and be at the top of whatever she chooses. I know the days ahead are not always going to be easy, but I am ready to face these new challenges head on. To shape and mold her right. To learn with her and watch her grow and discover all that the world has to offer her.

So for now she is just my 2 1/2 year old "miniature teenager". Full of love, energy, and wonderful surprises that I will look forward to each day. I love you Kendall Maryn.

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