Friday, March 30, 2012

15 Ways that show Disrespect to your husband.

Since I just got done doing the 31 day prayer challenge over my husband I thought I would post this just following. This list is from the book "The Respect Dare" by Nina Roesner. If you would like to purchase the book go here If you would like to learn more about the author and the Dare itself here Okay onto the list. As you read through you will find yourself probably guilty as charged on a couple. Maybe something you never even thought of. Remember you are not alone in the matter.

1. Ask questions that your really don't want the answer to, but are just pointing out how stupid you think he is, like, "How could you possibly...??"
2. Roll Eyes
3. Interrupt
4. Purse lips and scowl as he contributes his thoughts.
5. Argue without acknowledging his idea.
6. Don't ask questions about what he thinks.
7. Start all questions with "Why did you...?" because that is a "challenge" word for men.
8. Withhold compliments instead of looking for opportunities to build him up.
9. Leave him with a list of things to accomplish when you go somewhere - then criticize him for not getting all of it done.
10. Correct him when he's interacting with the kids - especially if it's his first time doing something. That will stop him from feeling like you think he is a good parent, so he'll stop trying.
11. Criticize him instead of praising him first when you have something constructive to let him know.
12. Expect him to read your mind (like your sisters, girlfriends, and mother can.)
13. Say really helpful things like, "If you don't know, I'm not going to tell you."
14. Answer for him when he's asked a question.
15. Don't pursue him. And make sure you say, " Not tonight."

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Wedding Warrior said...

Sometimes, it's easy to not even notice we're doing these things. A great reminder Kelly!