Monday, June 23, 2014

Bountiful "B"

So proud of my man who Bit the Bullet and went all out with our letter "B" date! Our date was Blessed Bountifully with B's!!! I am apologizing now as although I did take pictures, I pulled my camera out to use and oops I forgot to change the Battery. So it was my camera phone that had to document our night. It has Blurry issues, so I am sorry.

Sitter arrived and we started our night. I posted on facebook that we were headed on Letter "B" date and the guess's started pouring in. That in itself the hubby and I enjoyed, lol! The obvious Bowling and that was my guess too. I was asked to bring socks along. We drove and kept driving all the way downtown. Not a place hubby and I go often. We parked and arrived at our first destination. Mother's Bistro & Bar. Although Mother's starts with "M" we discounted that and just went with Bistro & Bar! It was a restaurant I had never been to before. It was very bright and trendy. We had reservations(FANCY) and so did not have to wait long. Food was fresh and homemade just like mama would make. It was delicious. I was stuffed by the end of the meal.
After dinner we started walking! I could tell hubby had a plan, he had his phone GPS going and hand in hand we walked. We headed towards our next "B" stop the Blue Star Memorial and Battleship Memorial (way to go hubs).
We kept on with our "B" and took a nice stroll on the Boardwalk! We walked and talked and people watched!
If you have ever walked the boardwalk there is always very interesting things going on down there, lol. So it is always a great stroll. We walked until we got to the hmmm can you guess? Burnside Bridge! We stopped and I used this moment for thank you for the wonderful date and smooch time!
Our date was still not over. Hubby out did himself on the "B" date. I told you is was Bountiful with "B". It was such a warm lovely night, so the walking around downtown Portland was wonderful. We headed back into the city and walked until we got to Blitz Sports Bar(do you recognize the name from our "A" date, lol). It was sort of a joke for me since if you go back and read our "A" date post you will understand. I messed up the night of our Art class and we ended up at Blitz (in Tigard) for a drink instead. So anyways, hubs found a Blitz downtown and thought it would be funny to go again, on the real "B" date! So we stopped and enjoyed a drink and some Big Buck (I did not win).
From there we walked some more to the last stop and one of my favorites. To Powell's Books!! I had honestly never been there. It was AMAZING! It was probably almost 10pm and the place was packed.
wall to wall books. Floors and Floors of books, Purple room, rose room, orange room. There was just so many it was unbelievable. We have fun and picked something out for everybody. We have a family of book lovers and always enjoy encouraging that love.
The date was just Beyond wonderful. Hubby did such a great job. It is not about outdoing each other, but like we stated doing things together, trying new things and creating fun memories together. I enjoyed my whole date with hubby and was in the moment and present the whole time! Loved it!

Has anybody else started this challenge? Would love to hear in the comments, I believe this could be an amazing trend for couples. We need to date our husbands and if it takes the alphabet to get us going again so be it! Here is to the Letter "C"!


Crystal Kupper said...

I talked to Nick, and we're totally going to start doing this! It might have to wait, as we're going to be apart for a few months starting soon, but we're excited to come up with creative ideas!

Kelly Lee said...

Yay Crystal I can not wait to hear all about your dates! I know you will blog so that I can read all about them, lol!!!