Monday, June 16, 2014

Dad's Day!

Yesterday was Father's Day! I did not write a blog as we were busy loving on, and spending time with the main man in our lives, my husband and my childrens Father. We woke up early and did all the animal chores and then I got right to work making a delicious breakfast, while the kids all started hand making fathers day cards. We let him sleep in until 9am when breakfast was done, cards were done and the kids could not hold back any longer from waking him up!
After fueling up, we did not give Dad the day off, we got right to work on some inside house projects that needed to get done since the weather was iffy. It was nice to work together on our Family photo wall (did not finish so no pictures yet). The kids love weekends when Dad is home and spends all kinds of time with them, and I love watching them get to make memories together. We can not wait to get our two newest family members home to share the love of a father also. We love you KC. Thank you for being a wonderful Dad, husband and provider. For working hard at your job everyday and for loving all the children that have come through our home no matter the length of time they stayed!

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Crystal Kupper said...

Oh my goodness, that last photo set is too cute! I would have to wait until my kids are a little older and more coordinated to try that one. :-)