Monday, June 9, 2014

Dating My Husband from A-Z!! Letter "A"

Well as most parents know it is easy to get lost in the hustle and bustle of life. To put off the importance of maintaining the Hubby and You time. You say you will get around to it, but then weeks, and then months go by and you have not been out ALONE with each other. Well that is what has happened with my husband and I. With 3 young kids, late work schedules, sports, school events, and just life in general, it had gotten away from us. It takes its toll on your marriage and friendship when you miss these times. We know as a couple it is so important to keep that friendship and love alive. The kids will grow up and leave our home one day and we want to still be able to live with each other and enjoy it, lol! So a friend on facebook started this dating her husband from A-Z and I thought it looked so fun! So what better way to jump back into the dating game right, So here we go. I will try and write a post of all our ADVENTURES together. We decided this is a time for us to try new things together, to have fun and rekindle our friendship. We made a rule of no kid or adoption talk on date (cause lets be honest they consume us most of the time). We are both very excited about this and probably a little more me, than the hubby as I enjoy planning and surprising!! Plus the challenge that the letter throughs in is also very fun.

I went first with the planning with the Letter "A". I do have to say I slightly cheated on this after nicely borrowing the idea from my facebook friend, I also borrowed her A activity. BUT, it was something I had always wanted to try, but had not done yet! So this was the perfect opportunity.

Anyways so I got everything planned out and told hubby where to meet me for dinner Friday night after work, first stop Arby's!
SO romantic I know and also a hotspot for a Friday night, lol! Hey, we did almost have the whole place to ourselves so it was actually very private! Had to stick with my A letter and also needed something quick since we had somewhere to be by 6:30pm. We enjoyed our meal and had great conversation. Then it was off to place number 2. Vine Gogh Artist Bar and Studio! How fun, I was so excited for this surprise and part of our date. We got there and KC was a little unsure, as was I, we are not artists. Walk in, give them out name and we are not on the list. HUH? I signed up. I payed. I was so careful to choose the closer location (they have 2 studios). So we are quickly checking, then the kind lady asks what painting I signed up for, I tell her and she nicely tells me that is the painting for tomorrow night. WHAT? But I am on my A date tonight, I have a babysitter with the kids, everything has gone smoothly, how could this happen. Seriously. So we sort of joke it off and look around, inside I am so upset at myself for making this mistake, but the hubby handled it graciously and we decided to go across the street for a drink before heading home, heck we had a babysitter already. So we headed across the street and I made the challenge of sticking with the A theme and ordering a drink that starts with A. We both managed to do that. More great conversation happened and we headed home and called it a night. Oh and lined the babysitter up for the next night same time so we could try our ART part of the date again.

So Saturday does not need much explaining. Sitter came, and we went out AGAIN, lol. We headed back to Vine Gogh and checked in smoothly since we were on the list. We were both still very nervous, but excited to try something new. Let me tell you. If you have not done one of these. Go sign up right now. It was so much fun and both KC and I enjoyed ourselves and felt like we learned something. We brought out our inner ARTISTs, who would have known. I would say date A was a success. I will leave you will a bunch of pictures from our painting time together. I am so excited to see what KC comes up with for letter B!


Crystal Kupper said...

That's such a great idea! Nick and I should do that and we could compare notes across continents.

And wow, your paintings turned out so well! Way to go....and I'll bet you could sell those to fundraise.... :-)

Kelly Lee said...

I would love to hear about others dates if you start this challenge!!