Sunday, January 13, 2013

Donation Day!

I Love Donation Day!! I get to watch my Little Guys accounts grow and I also get the satisfaction of knowing that I ran or walked 2 miles a day for 6 days this week!! If you have followed along with my blog you will know that Garrison ( )has now been found by his forever family so as of right now he does not have a donation button. I am keeping track though,and as soon as his Family announces who they are I will donate all his back money to help bring this cutie home. We will continue to pray and rally for Copeland ( . I can not wait for his family to step forward also. Again if you feel led to donate along side me I encourage you to do so (use above links to find there donate button), also if you fell led to walk or run with me (not literally, but in commitment) I also encourage you to do so. Keep in your head we are running for these little boys who do not have the freedom to do so.


Crystal said...

I SO cannot wait to see who Garrison's family is!!!

Trotter Family Funny farm said...

I sent you a pm on Facebook. I am Garrisons mom! We are waiting on USCIS approval and hope to travel in March or April. Our family blog is

Kelly Lee said...

I am beyond excited for you. I still continue to pray for him and will until he is safe in your arms. I am his prayer warrior and also have been raising funds for him so please let me know when you have your fsp up so that I can donate his back funds that I am keeping track of since he moved to the My Family Found Me Page!!! YEA!!