Sunday, January 13, 2013

The Face that Started it All for Me.

I wanted to share where my journey began. It was a sweet face that started my obsessive followings with . I could not believe that these children lived this way. Now granted I was not unaware of orphans in other countries, but I had no idea how bad the orphan crisis and conditions really were. After looking at all of the children's faces there was one sweet face that just stood out and made me fall in love. Made me want to cross the oceans immediately to go get her.

Sweet Meredith. She now has a committed Family working hard to get her home, but when I first saw her I wanted to be that family. I did all my research before presenting my case to my unsuspecting husband on a date night. He listened and took all the information in. He is told me he was proud of all my research and then let me down softly that he did not feel we were in the position to adopt at this time, let alone adopt internationally. I of course was heart broken, but continued to pray that Meredith would find a family and I would prefer it to be mine. Well God knows what should be and about 6 months after I had presented Meredith to my husband (I tried again a few months later) Meredith's sweet face was on the My Family Found Me Page!! I could not believe it, I was so excited and sort of sad all at the same time. I wanted her to be my family. If you read way back in my blog you will see her sweet face on posts. I quickly got over my own selfish hurt and started celebrating the fact that her family had stepped out in faith and she was wanted and loved by a family that was at a place to go get her. Her family is still waiting for her to come home and have had some setbacks with adoption changes I think in her country, but they are still pursuing her and she will one day join a family.

I then turned my love for her into a love for them all. I wanted them all to have families. I wanted them all to have someone to love them and fight for them. My family may not still be at a place where we are ready for an international adoption, or I am not sure if God has that in our plans at all, but I will continue working on advocating for these little ones with no voice. I will be their voice and let the world know that they are out there, that they need families and are worthy to be loved as much as the next person. So please take the time to go check out , look into the eyes of these sweet children waiting for their family, and please know they are real. They are not just a picture on a website. These children need as many people fighting and rallying around them as possible so that we can get them home in their families arms forever.

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Mom2many said...

Meredith is just gorgeous! So glad you are a part of the RR family now!
Annie T.