Sunday, December 16, 2012

It's Official!

I am an official Guardian Angel and Prayer Warrior for this sweet little boy!

And I am also the official Prayer Warrior of this cutie patootie!

I will br praying my heart out everyday that these boys find their forever family. That until they come home, someone will show them the love that they deserve, that they will never be hungry, and that they will be safe and surrounded in Gods arms everyday.

I will be helping to raise their grant money funds to help off set the cost of their adoptions You will hear me talking about them, writing about them, and begging for them. They are both so young, and so ready to live life in a family. They deserve this, they deserve the medical interventions and therapies. I can not wait for the day they are CHOSEN!

Right now since I have just started this path I started a challenge with myself. I will run 2 miles a day, taking Sundays off to rest. I started on Wed. when I made the commitment to these boys. I will then donate $2 a day for my run. So by Sunday my day of rest I will be donating $6 per little boy into there funds. The slogan/title I came up with is:

" 2 miles a day because I can, and they are not even given the option"

See what I have learned with following the international adoption blogs and world is that a lot of these kids sit in their cribs all day long. Some are drugged to keep them more in a sedated state and easier to care for. They are not often offered services or therapies to help with their delays or disabilities. They often only get a couple diaper changes a day and sit in their own bodily waste for hours, they cry and nobody comes to see what is wrong. So then they just stop crying. It just breaks my heart and I hope that it breaks yours too. We need to step up in even the smallest ways to help the least of these. It is our Godly duty.

I challenge you to challenge yourself. You may not want to run 2 miles a day, but you could match my donation every Sunday to help raise these kids funds. Be a part of helping these boys find families. You are welcome though to run along side of me in this challenge. Just think of all the freedoms we have everyday. The freedom to come and go, to eat as we wish, to be clean and dry. Last you can pray. Pray for these boys sweet faces, and pray for me as I try to help in any way I can.

This will be a very rewarding experience in the end.

You can read about the boys and many other orphans that need our help here at

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