Sunday, December 30, 2012

Sunday Love

I love Sundays!! Day of rest, worship and DONATION DAY!! I know people may not think much of it, or that $6 a week is much, but it all counts. A Little Can Mean A Lot. I love watching my boys funds grow. I donate and then hit the refresh button just to watch the number grow. I love praying everyday while I run. I pray for love, food and attention for these boys. I pray for their forever family to find them. I pray that my small donation will become big and help a family step out in faith to bring these boys home.

I know after Christmas time can be hard financially on all of us. We all have $1 or $2 that we can donate. It may not seem like much now, but it all adds up. If you can spare a small donation to my boys funds I would greatly appreciate it and so will their families one day. You will be a part of the solution to end the orphan crisis. It will make you feel good deep down in your heart and Jesus will smile! Once again here are the sweet faces of the boys that weigh so heavily on my heart. I will post their pictures again and also their webpage if you feel lead to donate. Plus I can not resist the cuteness!

Chech out this work in progress also:

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